Overseeding A Lawn How Not To

Overdoing something is usually considered as a negative thing but this is not the case when it comes to overseeding a lawn.

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This involves putting more grass on your lawn than is necessary and it is a good thing. One benefit that this procedure offers is that your lawn will have the appearance of a lush green carpet. The extra seeds will fill all the thinning areas in your lawn and it will therefore not have any bare patches.

Overseeding a lawn is important and beneficial because of a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that grass experiences wear and tear just like other living things. When the grass starts to get patchy or thin, applying more seed will bring more life to your lawn. Overseeding a lawn is also important in keeping the grass cover adequate during the winter months and the best time to do it is in the fall season.

Overseeding a lawn is not a hard job and the advantages of performing this activity outweigh the investment of time required to achieve good results. One good benefit of doing this is that the new varieties of seed that you will use on your lawn are usually disease tolerant.  When you overseed your lawn, it will have the appearance of a sodded lawn, where it is hard to view the soil when you pull the blades of grass apart.

If you find that you are able to view the soil when you pull the grass blades on your lawn apart, you should consider applying more seed on it. The other benefit of overseeding a lawn is that it reduces the number of weeds that germinate. It is therefore an excellent natural method of controlling weeds. Note that grass seeds usually germinate and grow earlier than most weeds and when you overseed your lawn, the grass seeds will grow fast and choke the seedlings of weeds attempting to grow on your lawn.

This is beneficial in that you will not have to worry about using any type of weed removal methods to keep your lawn weed free. The process of overseeding a lawn is an affordable way in which you can repair thinning areas and bare patches on your lawn. In order to perform it efficiently, you should do it in the right season and this could be in the early fall while the air is cool and the soil is temperate.

When overseeding a lawn, it is also important to buy grass seeds that are of high quality. They should have less than 0.5 percent weed seeds. You should then mow your lawn to half an inch or shorter to ensure that the seeds you will distribute on the lawn will reach the soil. The next thing that you should do is to thatch all grass clippings that resulted from the mowing. If the soil is dense you should use an aerator to aerate the soil.

The other important thing to do when overseeding a lawn is to water it. You should ensure that the lawn stays wet for two consecutive weeks so that the seeds will germinate efficiently. You should consider watering the lawn two times every day. After the seeds sprout, you should let the grass grow to about three inches before you start cutting it.


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