Lime For Lawns Pros And Cons

There are some times when you come across a good, nice lawn and you start fantasizing that you could transport it to your place and replace your wrecked lawn.

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When it comes to reality, this is not possible but you could make your lawn into a wonder which you will no longer dislike. Some people will always tire doing all that they can to revamp their lawns back into good shape but they forget to work on the soil. Lime for lawns works on the problem of soil pH levels pretty well.

Lime for lawns is actually a wonder ingredient for your lawn if you aspire for a green healthy lawn. Applying lime for lawns can workout well if the correct amount is supplied. You should apply neither too much nor too little because doing this may even deteriorate your lawn further.

There are several considerations to make before applying the lime on your lawn. Put into mind that the pH of the soil always affects anything that grows on it. A pH of 6.0 is too acidic and will have effect on the color of your soil; a Ph level above seven is also tantamount to the destruction of your grass. Lime for lawns is actually a substance that helps bring the soil pH level to a standard range of between 6.0 and 7.

In order to know if your soil actually needs the lime for lawns, you have to test its pH level. Even though you can purchase the testing machines from stores, they may not be accurate. You need to take samples of your soil to an extension office where they will determine if your soil really needs this lime for lawns. It is advisable not to take the test for granted and just bombard your lawn with some lime for lawns solution. The problem might not be rooting from acidity and it might be that your soil is alkaline and feeding it with lime will make the situation worse.

If you take samples coming from different parts of your lawn for testing and the result is that your soil is alkaline then you could take the option of applying some gardeners’ sulfur to neutralize the alkaline effect. Getting incorrect pH can cause great problems like inactivating some nutrients. For instance, iron is made into a form that the plant cannot take up in alkaline soils which causes yellowing of the plants.

In some situations, your lawn could have acidic soils and magnesium will be bound up. The nutrient is essential in producing chlorophyll which gives the grass the green coloring matter. This proves how important it is to measure the pH of the soil so that you can know whether applying lime for lawns is important because undesirable conditions may eventually prop up if you overlook this step.

When applying the lime for lawns, remember that limestone breaks down slowly. Small particles usually absorb into the soil very fast and are better than the larger particles. It might be very hard to handle the powdery lime for lawns but remember this is the best solution and will have effects very soon after application.


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