Lawn Seeding Explained

Seeding a lawn is easy and better than sodding because you just have to distribute the seed on your lawn and then water it. You do not have to carry heavy sods to the area you wish to establish a lawn.

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Before performing lawn seeding, there are factors that you need to consider. The first thing is to consider how much sun or shade your lawn will experience so that you can buy the right type of grass seed.

If your lawn will experience shady conditions for the most part of the day, you should get grass seed that is resistant to fungus. This is because there is the likelihood of fungus developing in a lawn that remains damp for long periods. Another factor to consider before you perform lawn seeding is the amount of rain that falls in your area. If your area is dry most of the time, you should get grass seed that is resistant to drought. The majority of grass types need steady rain or irrigation such as one time a week so that they can remain healthy.

In order to perform lawn seeding efficiently, you should follow the following advice. If you are planting grass that does well in warm weather, you should do it when the weather is warm such as spring. If you are planting grasses that do well in the cool season, the ideal time to plant them is in the early spring season or in the fall. The other thing that you need to do in order to perform lawn seeding efficiently is to work the soil using a tiller. This will ensure that the soil on which to plant your seeds will be loosened and broken up.

Working the soil will also get it aerated and by doing so you will provide your seeds with the best bed to grow in. You can also consider adding a liquid aerator into the soil so that your lawn will be completely conditioned even in areas where the tiller cannot reach. The other important thing that you need to do when performing lawn seeding is to make the soil richer. You can accomplish this by first testing the soil so that you can know which nutrients are lacking. For example, you can add lime or sulfur to achieve a pH level that is between 6 and 7.5.

The other important soil enrichers that you should consider adding to your lawn are compost, top soil, peat moss, sand and fertilizer. You can work them into the lawn using the tiller. The other important thing to do when performing lawn seeding is to smooth the soil using a rake.  A smooth lawn will be easy to mow since there will be no hills that the mower will scalp or divots where water will form pools.

The other step when it comes to performing lawn seeding efficiently is to spread the seed. You should read the package so that you can find out how much seed you need to distribute on the lawn. After this, take half of that amount and start spreading it with a spreader all over the yard. Follow this by spreading the second half all over the lawn walking forwards and backwards so that you can achieve perfect coverage. You should distribute the seed by pulling the roller instead of pushing it so that you will not leave footprints.

The next step to take in the lawn seeding project is to water the lawn with a light spray. You should continue watering the lawn with a light spray until the grass begins to sprout. After sprouting, you should ease the watering process gradually and use a liquid fertilizer to fertilize the grass to ensure that it grows healthily.


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