Lawn Problems And Solutions | Factors To Consider

Maybe its time you know that many lawn problems occur as a result of problems in your soil.

lawn problems

If your soil has a deficiency or has some compounds in excess, then this will most certainly cause harm to your lawn. Sometimes this will cause patches of dry grass in your lawn; the grass will not grow uniformly, there will be slow growth and some weeds may prop up from nowhere which proves very hard to stop.

Lawn problems are mainly caused by chemicals. The imbalance may be caused by a buried sidewalk which affects the lawn by infusing chemicals that were used in the concrete. At other times, lawn problems could be caused by some trees that were growing on your lawn for example pines that will release some very harming chemicals to the grass through the needles. Many factors can attribute to deformations in your lawn but you can be assured of correcting these lawn problems by the use of other chemicals.

Drought is also another issue that can greatly result to lawn problems but luckily in this case, the grass will always recover. The situation can be solved by having some well blended soil under the turf. Soil which has more organic matter will have some nice retention of water while the sandy soils will dry out fast. If you have the capability to water your lawn in dry conditions then you can do it.

When it comes to preventing drought from ruining your grass, it is advisable not to cut your grass when signs of drought show up. You can also leave the clippings on the grass after mowing so that they will play the role of mulch. Remember a lawn which has had good treatment will be more resistant to the lawn problems caused by drought.

Another factor that can cause lawn problems is ants. These creatures create small moulds of soil at their habitats. You can brush away the soil when it is dry. Some other creatures which may turn up and really get into your nerves for spoiling your lawn are moles. These creatures create big lumps of soils which ruin every lawn but you can control them by trapping.

Some lawn problems are also caused by toad stools which grow in rings. They usually grow due to buried wood. They damage the lawn by killing the grass in between the rings. You are supposed to damage this toad stools before they produce spores and if possible remove the wood which is causing the damage. To avoid lawn problems originating from the deficiency of some nutrients you can apply fertilizer to your lawn.


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